The best affordable camera’s for children

When Roman turned 2 he asked us for a camera for Christmas. I wasn’t too surprised as both of us have a camera strapped to us whenever we go out. We are a photography loving family, so I was so happy to think he might follow in our footsteps. Seeing the world from a little one’s perspective is so wholesome. I have created a hard drive of his images in folders that I will cherish forever and bring out when he is older. We started looking up affordable camera’s for children to decide which was the best option.

If you too are looking to get your little ones into photography. Whether just for fun or as a hobby then hopefully this post will help you choose the right camera. We have been through quite a few as we like testing them out. The links included in this post are affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission for you purchasing through them but there’s no additional cost to you.

Camera for small children

Romans first camera – great for younger kids

We started with this small children’s camera. It created some beautiful images with lots of different kid’s functions such as borders and funny emojis. It is sturdy for little drops and is a great size for small hands. The buttons are easy to use even for a 2-year-old.

affordable camera's for children

Underwater cameras

Romans underwater camera – Aged 3

This is the camera used in our viral Tik Tok video for anyone here from that.

After about 6 months with this camera, we noticed that he was still really interested in bringing it everywhere. It was his birthday coming up and we were due to go on away on a beach break. We decided it would be fun to get him an underwater camera. We opted for this one as it was still very simple, but also robust. It is a little more grown-up looking but still very simple to use with a point and shoot function.

He loved taking photos of ‘fish’ underwater (mainly just stones) but it made great entertainment every day. We also liked that it had a dual-screen so he could take photos both ways. It was a birthday present and we knew it would get lots of use so is a little pricier. I have also linked below an alternative if your looking for something a little cheaper.

affordable camera's for children

Cheaper version on the underwater camera

If you want a similar camera to the one above but for a lower price, I found this camera. It has really similar functions and pretty much looks the same the only difference is the lack of a dual-camera. However, this isn’t a necessity and would work just as well.

affordable camera's for children

Cameras for the whole family

Best action camera – Go Pro

If you have a little more budget then I would definitely recommend investing in a Go Pro. This is a great option for anyone that wants to get a camera they could share with their little ones. We have always used Go Pros on our travels as they are small and have lots of accessories we find fantastic. We use them for diving, filming drives and playing in the pools.

affordable camera's for children

Camera for serious budding phtotographers

Great camera for older children and teens serious about photography

Now I know it’s titled ‘affordable’ but what is affordable to different people is subjective. I couldn’t do a camera post and not mention my own favourite. If you have an older child serious about photography then the Olympus PL range is great! I learnt everything I know about photography on this camera. It was my first serious camera and I still use it today.

They come with a handy kit lens that is so versatile for taking landscape and portrait photos. The photo options are easy to navigate even for a beginner. I’d recommend jumping on youtube and watching a few tutorials (that’s what I did)

affordable camera's for children

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