20 Things To Declutter Before Christmas

I know summer has only just finished, but the holidays are just around the corner. With them comes the perfect opportunity to declutter your space before Christmas and make room for all the new gifts and decorations. Decluttering can be a daunting task, which is why I’ve put together a list of 20 things to declutter before Christmas. By tackling these items before the holidays, you’ll create a stress-free and clutter-free environment, which will make your home feel refreshed and revitalised.

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1. Old Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are a great way to bring some cheer into your home, but if you’ve held onto decorations that you haven’t used in years, it’s time to let them go. Sort through your decorations and donate or discard items that no longer fit your style, have gotten damaged, or no longer work properly.

2. Unused Kitchen Appliances or Gadgets

You probably have some kitchen appliances or gadgets that you’ve never used or haven’t used recently. Consider donating or selling these items, freeing up space in your kitchen.

3. Clothes That No Longer Fit or Are Out of Style

It’s natural to accumulate clothes over time, but if you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s probably time to donate or sell it. This includes clothes that no longer fit, are out of style, or have wear and tear.

4. Unread or Unwanted Books

If you have a stack of books on your shelf that you’ve never read or ones that you’ve already read and know you won’t read again, consider donating them to a library or charity shop.

5. Excess Toys or Games

If you have children, gather up any toys or games that they no longer play with or have outgrown. Donate them to a local playgroup or children’s charity instead of letting them sit in the garage.

6. Outdated Technology (Old Computers, Phones, etc.)

Old technology can take up valuable space in your home and become an eyesore. Check with your local recycling centre to see if they can dispose of electronic waste properly. Alternatively, you can find recycling schemes online that may also make you a little bit of extra cash.

7. Unused Sports or Exercise Equipment

If you’ve stopped using your exercise equipment or have equipment that you’ve never used, donate or sell it to free up space in your home.

8. Duplicate or Unnecessary Office Supplies

Take inventory of your work/office supplies and get rid of any duplicates or supplies you no longer need. This includes items like staplers, paper clips, and desk organisers.

9. Broken or missing Items (Ornaments, Dishes, etc.)

Chipped dishes, missing ornament pieces, and other damaged items have no place in your home. Discard or repair these items if possible.

10. Expired Food

Make room for all those yummy Christmas food items by clearing out your pantry or cupboards of any expired snacks, condiments, spices or foods.

11. Outgrown or Unused Furniture

Assessing the furniture in your home is a great way to declutter and make your home feel more open. Consider selling or donating furniture that you no longer use or that has become worn and damaged.

12. Old Magazines or Newspapers

Old magazines or newspapers can quickly pile up in your home. Recycle old issues and keep only a few of your favourites.

13. Unused Craft Supplies

If you are a craft lover, take inventory of your supplies to get rid of any unused or unwanted materials. Donate these items to a local school or charity that accepts craft supplies.

14. Unused or Expired Beauty Products

Expired makeup and skincare products can clutter up your bathroom space and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Get rid of any expired products and donate any unused items that aren’t your style.

15. Old Paperwork or Bills

Having a designated space for holding important documents is a great way to keep clutter under control. Sort through your paperwork and separate what you need to keep from what you can discard.

16. Unused or Broken Electronics (Cords, Chargers, etc.)

Technology cords, chargers, and other accessories can easily become cluttered and make your space look disorganised. Get rid of any broken or unused electronics and cords.

17. Unused or Expired Medicine or Supplements

Clear out your medicine cupboard by properly disposing of any expired medications or supplements.

18. Extra Blankets or Bedding

Having too many blankets and bedding sets can take up unnecessary space. Donate any extra sets to a local shelter or charity to help those in need.

19. Unused or Old School Supplies

If you have school-aged children, stay on top of school supply clutter by regularly going through and decluttering old or used supplies.

20. Excess or Unread Mail or Catalogs

Junk mail and catalogues can quickly pile up on your kitchen counter or desk. Take the time to carefully go through them and discard any unwanted or unnecessary items.

20 Things To Declutter Before Christmas

Decluttering before the holidays can be an overwhelming task, but it’s also an opportunity to create a fresh start for the new year. By following these 20 steps to declutter before Christmas, you’ll be on your way to a more organised and clutter-free home in no time. Happy decluttering!

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