Everything you need to know, flying with kids on Emirates Airlines

Emirates is the United Arab Emirates airline based out of Dubai. It is the largest airline in the Middle East and flies to 161 destinations. Whether it’s your first time travelling with kids on Emirates Airlines or you are just looking for some information you may find this post helpful. I have put together all the information you need to know when flying with kids on Emirates Airlines.

*This blog post is for informational purposes only. For specific questions on travelling with Emirates, please click here or contact the airline directly.

Flying on Emirates when pregnant

You can book your flight as usual up to your 29th week of pregnancy, as long as you haven’t had any complications or medical concerns.

If you’re travelling during or after your 29th week of pregnancy, you will need to bring a medical certificate or letter signed by your doctor or midwife. You may not be accepted on the flight if you travel without one.

The letter needs to include:

  • Confirmation of a singleton or multiple pregnancy
  • That there are no complications during the pregnancy
  • The estimated date of delivery
  • The latest date your doctor expects you to be fit to travel
  • That you are in good health
  • That there is no known reason that would prevent you from flying

You aren’t allowed to fly after the 32nd week of a multiple pregnancy or the 36th week of a single pregnancy.

If you need to travel, you must apply for medical clearance by submitting a medical information form (MEDIF).

Other considerations for travel during pregnancy:

  • Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance cover in case of preterm labour abroad.
  • Some countries have entry restrictions for non‑national pregnant women. Check with the local consulate or embassy if you’re in any doubt.
  • Leave the heavy lifting to someone else. Check out our helpful baggage services including baggage porters and baggage delivery.

Flying on Emirates with a newborn

Newborns must be at least seven days old to fly unless it’s for emergency medical treatment. If that’s the case you will need to complete a medical information form (MEDIF).

Flying on Emirates with an infant under two years old

Emirates will always try to sit families together where possible.

Tickets for infants travelling on the parent’s lap using a special seat belt extension or in a bassinet are discounted from the full adult fare. You can also book a separate seat for your child but they must be seated on your lap or in a car seat approved for use on board during take‑off and landing. Contact Emirates Reservations to purchase a seat for your infant.

If your infant is under two years old you can request a bassinet in the passenger detail section. You will need to select a bassinet seat to be allowed to do this. These are shown on the seat selection page by a baby icon.

If you are travelling with two children under two years old, only one child can be carried on your lap and you’ll have to book a seat for the second infant. You’ll also need to have a car seat approved for use on board for the infant travelling in their own seat. 

If you’re bringing your own child safety belt or seat (known as a child restraint device or CRD), it must have a label to show that it’s approved for use in an aircraft by:

  • any Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA)
  • the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Transport Canada

Emirates airline infant baggage allowance

Lap Infants who do not have their own seats are allowed 10kgs and one bag.

In addition, passengers are permitted to bring one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller into the cabin if there is room. If there is no space for these items in the cabin, they will have to be checked. However, if checked, they will not count against your baggage allowance.

Flying Emirates with children over two years

If you are flying with kids on Emirates Airlines, tickets for children travelling in a separate seat are discounted from the full adult fare. For children ages, two years and above you can also bring an approved car seat onboard for use or have them seated next to a responsible adult.

Emirates Unaccompanied Minor service is not available in conjunction with a discounted ‘child’ ticket—a full adult fare must be purchased.

You can read more about ticketing rules for children flying on Emirates here.

Baggage allowance for children flying with Emirates

Kids on Emirates Airlines with their own seat are allowed 20 kgs per bag, with a maximum of two bags, the same free baggage allowance as adults. They also have the same carry-on allowance as an adult.

Onboard facilities

You’ll find changing tables in the bathrooms so you can comfortably change your baby on board. You will also receive an infant kit filled with helpful essentials, like nappy cream, bibs and wipes.

Emirates strollers, bassinets and car seat policies

Taking a car seat on Emirates

If you bring a baby car seat on your flight, the check-in staff will check that it carries a label showing that it’s approved for use on an aircraft, along with the instructions for use. We’ll accept car seats that meet one of the following safety standards:

  • Seats accepted by United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations (FMVSS) No. 213. They must be manufactured to those standards on or after 26 February 1985. Your seat must show these labels in red lettering:
  • This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.
  • This child restraint system conforms to all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.
  • Seats approved to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) No. 213‘Child Restraint Systems’, or CMVSS No. 213.1, ‘Infant seating and restraint systems’.
  • Seats that meet the ECE R44 European safety standards. These seats must bear the orange label marked ECE R44‑03 or later amendments.
  • Seats approved for use in aircraft according to the German regulation ‘Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems for Use in Aircraft’(TÜV Doc.TÜV/958‑01/2001).
  • Seats that meet the AS/NZS 1754 Australian/New Zealand standards.

If your car seat doesn’t meet one of these safety standards, you can check it in to the hold with your other baggage.

Infants weighing under 10 kg can travel in either a forward facing or rear facing car seat, however if your infant weighs more than 10 kg, their car seat must be forward facing.

Fitting your baby car seat on board

Our cabin crew will help you to fit your car seat according to the instructions on the label. It must face the appropriate direction, and it must be secured using the lap seat belt. Unfortunately we can’t accept car seats that need to be secured by a three‑point seat belt or shoulder harness.

Taking a Pushchair/stroller on Emirates

Complimentary baby strollers are available for transmitting passengers at Dubai International Airport. Emirates passengers can collect one at the family check-in desks in Terminal 3. Twin baby strollers are also available. You can use these strollers free of charge and drop them off at the boarding gate.

Customers travelling with infants are permitted to bring one carry-cot or one fully collapsible stroller into the cabin if there is room. If there is no space for these items in the cabin, they will have to be checked. However, if checked, they will not count against your baggage allowance.

Requesting a Bassinet on an Emirates flight

Emirates has a limited supply of bassinets onboard so the use of one isn’t always guaranteed. Bassinets are designed for babies up to two years old weighing up to 11 kg (24.2 lb), we won’t be able to provide one if your baby doesn’t fit safely. In First Class, our baby bassinets are 63.5 cm long and 28 cm wide (25 in x 11 in), while they are 74.93 long x 33.03 cm wide x 16.51 cm deep (29.5 in x 13 in x 5 in) in Business Class and Economy Class. Please note that bassinets are limited in number and subject to availability. Remember that you can’t request a bassinet if you have booked a normal seat on child’s fare rates.

What sleep devices, leg rests and ride-on suitcases do Emirates allow?

Leg rests and extensions on Emirates flights

The use of leg rests, or any form of seat‑extension device is not permitted to be used on board. These items are not certified by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and pose a safety risk as loose cabin items. They include but are not limited to the below:

  • Bedbox
  • Fly Legs‑up
  • FLY‑Tot
  • Plane Pal
  • Sky Rest

You can take these items with you on board only if they are stored in the overhead lockers as regular carry‑on baggage allowance, and are not used during the flight.

Ride‑on suitcases on Emirates flights

Ride‑on suitcases are permitted to take on board only if they are stored in the overhead lockers as regular carry‑on baggage allowance, and not used during the flight. They must meet the size and weight requirements of your assigned carry‑on luggage, and must not be used as leg‑rests or seat extensions. Ride‑on suitcases include:

  • Trunki
  • Zinc Flyte
  • Kiddee Case
  • FOME
  • Jetkids

Sleepers on Emirates flights

The only comfort device/sleeper permitted to be used on board an Emirates flight is the CoziGo (Fly Babee). The CoziGo may be attached to one of our baby bassinets for the duration of the flight in economy class only. It meets the safety and risk standards required of the GCAA. 

You will need to reserve a baby bassinet prior to your flight. Please note, CoziGo is not provided by Emirates.

The following sleepers, and any similar device, are not permitted to use on board:

  • Cocoonababy
  • Flyebaby
  • SkyBaby
  • TravelSnug
  • MonkeyGo
  • BedBox
  • Kooshy Kids

Emirates baby and children’s meals

When flying with kids on Emirates Airlines, you can choose a meal from the selection to suit your child’s specific diet requirements. Don’t forget to mention any allergies during your booking or add it at least 24 hours before your flight through Manage a Booking.

Babies get special treatment too with a range of yummy baby meals for you to choose from, made specifically for their tiny tummies. Plus, we have milk formula and bottles on board, available on request.

Choose from our prepared baby meals, or if you’d prefer to bring your own, our cabin crew will help you with food and bottle warming.

Ask for our prepared formula on board. It’s made from whey and has all the essential vitamins and minerals that your baby needs.

Children’s in-flight entertainment on Emirates

Your little explorer’s exciting holiday begins on board with over 100 channels in 40 languages dedicated to children’s content. They can watch their favourites from CBeebies, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, or discover new ones in 50 Disney classics along with the latest family films. They can also go on a quest or beat their highest scores in up to 100 games. Children will be given child-friendly headphones to enjoy these facilities.

Little ones can cuddle with Lewis the Lion, Peek U Panda, Ernie the Penguin and Savannah the Elephant dolls on board while wrapped in the accompanying fluffy blanket. Or you can take them along with you as vibrating toys that clip onto a stroller.

And if your children are between three and six years old, they can look forward to hours of fun with their Fly With Me Animals backpack filled with activity sheets and stickers.

Older children can learn more about the world with travel‑themed activity packs we’ve created with Lonely Planet Kids. Each retro bag contains an interactive book packed with activities, puzzles and crafts. You’ll also find an Amazing World series book of travel trivia and fun facts cards. Your budding jetsetter can also record special moments in their very own travel journal.

For shorter journeys, kids on Emirates Airlines flights can while their time away with puzzles, activities, world trivia and more in our Fly With Me Magazine.

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Everything you need to know, flying with kids on Emirates Airlines
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