10 Must Have Family Approved Travel Products

We are no strangers to packing a carry-on bag. Over the years I have managed to whittle our luggage down successfully and now only pack the essentials. Doing this has made me discover several quality family approved travel products that I will always reach for. Here are my most recent 10 must-have travel products my family cant travel without with links to each.

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Our must-have family approved travel products

1. Refillable Travel Bottles

These inexpensive Refillable Travel Bottles make packing our liquids onboard with us much easier. They are great for carry-on only holidays or for a long-haul flight to freshen up. I love to fill them with suncream, our kid’s body washes and shampoo as well as aftersun if we are going somewhere hot.

These from Amazon are an excellent price for a pack of 4 and are leakproof. They also have a soft body so you can squeeze every bit out of them!

2. Formula and Snack Storage Box

This 3-layer Formula and Snack Storage Box is perfect for travelling with smaller babies and toddlers. Each layer securely clips together and can be used as snack cups and baby food containers. Perfect for storing milk powder, cereals, sweets, fruit and anything else you can fit inside.

3. Perfume Decanter

Family Approved Travel Products

If you want to bring perfume or cologne along on a trip with you, but the bottle is too big. This handy Fragrance Decanter is great. 

Easy to refill without spillages and the atomizer sprays well.  There is also a little window that shows when it is time to refill. 

Easily filled by removing the atomizer of the original bottle and placing the decanter on it.  A few pumps and the travel decanter is full.

4. Fresh Wipes Antibacterial Body Wipes

Family Approved Travel Products

These are a godsend on a long-haul flight. I always feel a bit gross when I’m travelling and like to have a quick freshen-up during layovers or mid-long flights. These Fresh Wipes Antibacterial Body Wipes are great for just that! They are extra wet and extra large, one wipe is enough for your whole body. They are very lightly scented with grapefruit and are 100% biodegradable.

5. Travel Cable Organiser

Family Approved Travel Products

If you tend to travel with a variety of different cables like us then this cable organiser is very helpful. We back quite a few electronics; phones, cameras, ipads and headphones. We used to chuck them all in a bag and then spend ages looking for each one. This Travel Cable Organiser helps to keep them all contained and organised with 7 mesh pockets. It is small and lightweight and great for slipping into your hand luggage.

6. Busy Board

If I was told I could only bring one piece of entertainment for the kids on a flight it would be their Busy Board. This was quite a new find for us but it was a great thing to have for both children (11 months and 4). It has 16 different types of buckles, zip pockets, magic tape and clocks to keep little fingers busy. My older son also loved learning how to tie laces and do puzzles.

7. Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit

Family Approved Travel Products

The mum in me always packs this because… it’s better to be safe! This Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit is for basic treatment and includes all essentials for minor injuries. Depending on where we are travelling we also have a full kit from this brand with needles and sutras. But for carry-on bags, this is great and in my opinion essential for families. It comes with cleaning wipes, burn gels, dressings and plasters.

8. Worldwide Travel Adapter

An all In One Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter powers up to 6 devices simultaneously and it is suitable for more than 200 countries. Saves lots of space in your luggage than travelling with multiple adaptors. Meaning you also don’t have to buy new ones for different destinations. This is also great if you are travelling to multiple destinations in one trip.

9. Fast&Up Reload

Family Approved Travel Products

Fast&Up Reload is formulated with an ideal combination of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help provide instant hydration. These are great to have in your hand luggage when flying and when travelling to hotter climates. They help to maintain fluid balance, optimise the recovery process, and prevent dehydration. There are a few flavours to choose from, you just pop one into some water and drink.

10. Travel Makeup Brush Holder

Family Approved Travel Products

This Travel Makeup Brush Holder is a fantastic find for mums, light-weight, compact and spacious. They can hold loads of brushes and are great if you need to do makeup on the go or put your brushes in with makeup still on them as you can easily clean them.

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I’ll link my Amazon storefront here which has all the products listed above in one place!

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