Everything you need to know about flying Ryanair with infants & kids

Whether it’s your first time flying on Ryanair with infants & kids, or you just need some information. I have put together all the basic info you need to know before flying.

Ryanair is the largest economy UK airline, with a plane taking off roughly every 45 seconds. No thrills, and no business class but unbeatable prices and over 200 destinations. This makes Ryanair a great choice for families looking for budget breaks.

*This blog post is for informational purposes only. For specific questions on travelling with British Airways, please click here or contact the airline directly.

Flying Ryanair when pregnant

Expectant mothers can fly up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. Once an uncomplicated pregnancy reaches its 28th week we require expectant mothers to carry a ‘fit to fly’ letter completed by their midwife or doctor.

Travel is not permitted for an uncomplicated single pregnancy beyond the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. For uncomplicated twins, triplets etc. pregnancy, travel is not permitted beyond the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Flying Ryanair with a newborn

A baby must be at least 8 days old before they can fly with Ryanair. This is due to the physical effects of flying at high altitudes.

Similarly, the baby’s mother can be accepted for travel from 48 hours after the birth of her baby subject to having delivered without any complications or surgery. If a caesarean section was performed or if surgery was needed for the mother then the minimum period before we could accept her for travel would be 10 days. However, this is also subject to approval for travel from her treating doctor.

Flying Ryanair with an infant under two years old

Infants (aged 8 days to 23 months inclusive) travelling with Ryanair must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over (one infant per adult).

If an infant reaches the age of 2 years prior to their return journey, they must pay the applicable adult fare, taxes, fees and charges for that return flight. This can be booked by calling Ryanairs customer service.

How to book an infant

Infants can be included in a flight reservation during the online booking process. An infant can sit on an adult’s lap (the cabin crew provides an infant seat belt).

Ryanair infant baggage allowance

There is no cabin baggage allowance for infants sitting on an adult’s lap or infants aged 8 days to 23 months who are seated in an extra comfort seat. However, a baby bag up to 5kg (dimensions: 45x35x20cms) can be carried by the accompanying adult in addition to their own cabin bag.

If you have purchased a separate seat for your baby, they are entitled to carry on board 1 small cabin bag which must fit under the seat in front of you (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) and have the option to purchase a checked bag.

You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child.

Ryanair with infants & kids

Flying Ryanair with children over two years

Ryanair treats children aged 2 and over the same as an adult. Fares are priced the same along with the extras they receive.

It is mandatory for children under 12 (excl. infants) to be seated next to an adult they are travelling with. In order to minimize customer costs,

Ryanair allows a free allocated seat to a maximum of four children per one adult that purchases a seat.

Baggage allowance for children flying with Ryanair

As you will be charged a full fare for children aged 2 and above, Ryanair offers kids the same hand baggage allowance as adults. They also will have the same free checked baggage allowance

Onboard facilities

If you are flying Ryanair with infants & kids, You’ll find changing tables in the bathrooms so you can comfortably change your baby on board.

Ryanair strollers, bassinets and car seat policies

You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child (1 pushchair + car seat, booster seat or travel cot)

On arrival at the airport, 2 free items of baby equipment can be tagged for travel at a Bag Drop Desk, which close 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. You will then drop the items either at the oversized baggage belt or if you are taking them to the aircraft go straight to security.

Other items of baby equipment in addition to the 2 free items can be checked in upon payment of an Infant/Child Equipment fee(maximum weight 20 kgs).

Taking a car seat on Ryanair

Infant (8 days – 23 months)

To use a car seat for a baby on board, you must purchase a separate seat for them. You will need to contact the call centre to make the booking. They will be able to add the car seat details and allocate a suitable seat onboard.

Children 2 years and up

If a car seat is being used onboard for a child over 2 years then the booking for all passengers can be made on our website, but you will need to contact Ryanair before flying to add the car seat details and allocate a suitable seat onboard.

Ryanair’s car seat criteria:

  • The car seat must be forward facing, and fit in the 42.5 cm (16.8 inches) space between the armrests of an aircraft seat.

The car seat must be certified for use onboard:

  • European car seat must have a CE sticker and “Certified for use on aircraft” printed on it.
  • American car seat must have a FAA sticker and “Certified for use on aircraft” printed on it.

Taking a Pushchair/stroller on Ryanair

Children’s pushchairs can be used up to the aircraft steps and after landing the pushchair will be available at the aircraft steps (provided local conditions permit this). Please remember to ensure that your pushchair is tagged at the baggage drop desk or at the boarding gate.

Requesting a Bassinet on a Ryanair flight

As Ryanair is a low-cost airline and the majority of their flights are short-haul, they do not have the option to request a bassinet onboard.

Amsafe CARES Child Restraint

The Amsafe CARES Child Restraint can you used instead of a car seat. This restraint is designed for airline use for children 1 year and up, weighing between 22 and 44 pounds (10-20kg). The restraint must be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (weight, height, installation).

What sleep devices, leg rests and ride-on suitcases do Ryanair allow?

Sleepers and leg rests and ride‑on suitcases on Ryanair flights

If you are flying Ryanair with infants & kids and thinking of bringing any kind of leg rest or ride-on suitcases. Ryanair doesn’t have a specific policy for these that I know of. They do however have a strict baggage policy. Looking at their baggage sizes, as long as it fits within the measurements you will be okay. This does rule out suitcases like the Trunki being allowed for cabin baggage. Meaning you would need to check it in and couldn’t use it at the airport. For leg rests, Stokke’s Jetkids claims to be allowed on Ryanair flights according to their website!

Stokke Jetkids

Ryanair baby and children’s meals

Ryanair has an onboard menu that is designed for most passengers. This will normally consist of sandwiches, paninis and some hot options. As well as snacks. They also offer a menu for children and a kid’s meal deal. This includes things like tomato pasta, pizza and chicken & chips. These can all be pre-ordered or on the flight.

Bringing baby food with you

If you are travelling with an infant you are allowed to carry as much baby milk, powdered milk, sterilized water and baby food as required for your flight, even if this exceeds the usual limit on liquids. These do not need to fit in the transparent bag but you should have them ready for inspection by airport security.

The cabin crew can warm baby bottles if required.

Children’s in-flight entertainment

Ryanair does not offer any inflight entertainment for infants & kids; it is purely a no-thrills flight. I would highly recommend making sure you are stocked up on snacks, games and maybe an iPad for distraction. If you need some ideas on things to pack, check out this blog post I have previously made on what we put in our kid’s travel bags.

Everything you need to know about flying Ryanair with infants & kids

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